I used to like to laugh with you
Lying in the sunny sand,
I'd rewrite my favourite songs for you
But your name never scanned

I remember winter nights
And cosy evenings in,
I could put the world to rights
Or play chess and let you win.

I never felt so far away
From the look in your old eyes,
Like anything I had to say
You'd said before as lies

And somewhere in the distance
I saw us meeting now
For your annual confessions
About your indiscretions
And your helpless, stupid, self-spun rows.

Your mother called you pretty,
But that's what mothers do,
And when you're out of earshot
She says she always knew
The tragedy of your hopes and dreams
Is they all rely on you

You said “I need a new man now,
And preferably a foreigner.”
I said “No, you need two things, girl,
A hit man and a coroner.”
You'll never speak to me again,
Without the joke the point is sore,
And I can't say I'll miss this
Because I don't owe you anymore.

That one night in the lamplight
Remains us to me,
The mood was right but you took flight,
Left us as you and me.


by Matt