In the anthology of ologies apologies are best,
Astrology's the worst, that's clear,
And as for all the rest...*

Theology's mythology,
And graphology is bunk,
Epistemology just is,
Numerology is junk.

Some follow Scientology,
A stupid ideology,
It's fun for anthropology,
But a sad fact of psychology.

Ludology's all fun and games
'Til someone needs optology,
Or maybe cardiology,
To fix their physiology.

I should bring up biology,
And all the gifts it brings:
Oncology, urology,
Radiology and things,

And then there's old geology,
Matching dendrochronology,
And exchanging methodology
With its restless friend seismology.

And all this terminology
Is food for etymology
Which traces its morphology
And maps its genealogy.

In the anthology of ologies the best one is apology.
Except of course, Neurology.

*There are actually a whole lot more -ology's but they wouldn't fit on the page


by Matt