Headstrong and independent
There's fire in her eyes
Don't mind showering with spiders
She used to wash with flies
Now there's a shattered innocence
That left her whole universe for dead
That called the mute a liar
'Cause he never shook his head

Picks her way across the crowded floor
Ever so daintily
She says “you'll wipe that smile off your face
If you want to dance with me”

She's got you by the balls
You've got her by the neck
A rapist to a prostitute
Is one who runs out on the cheque
She laid you on the altar
Like you laid her on the bed
Same sickening sense of power
But her blood rushed to her head

You watched her across the crowded floor
Ever so warily
And still you wiped that smile off your face
And you both got fucked for free

Headstrong and co-dependant
More than meets the eyes
You know he sleeps alone each night
Save for the tears he cries
Say I'm not just a spectator
Say I can change how you feel inside
To shut out all observers
Is accidental suicide

Picked her way across the crowded floor
While you were watching me
You lost that pretty smile from your face
The one you smiled for me


by Matt