Rosie's such a bitch.
Just thought I'd warn you.
Thought you might like to know.

Anyway, where were we?
No, wait –
Why are these flowers blue?
Fucking blue.
I said anything but blue.

Blue flowers always remind me
Of something.
I can't even remember it clearly
But I don't like it. That feeling you get
When you climb out of the bath,
Your clothes wet
Because your towel won't dry you?
That's how these fucking flowers make me feel.

So where were we, I think I'd said

For fuck's sake, Pauline,
I'm busy now.
I said 'no calls'.
I meant no calls.
An enquiry?
Sounds like a fucking call to me.
Thank you.

Fuck you. Right, where were we?
Wait, this coffee's cold.

No, I'll leave it there.
Half a cup into the vase,
Perhaps it'll kill the…
Whatever the fuck these blue things are,
And the rest…
I need an ashtray,
The other's overflowing.

Still, I, need more coffee, though,
One moment…

Better, now, where were we?
Had we even begun?
Let's start at the beginning,
I didn't like the other one
We did last week
Or the week before,
I think it needs an extra something,
Just a little something more…

Hold it a minute, is that the time?
What am I saying –
That's always the time.

You'd better go,
I've got to leave,
Take that thing, too…
Is it even on?

Never mind,
We'll get something down
Next fucking week.


by Matt