Obfuscater.net: Alive (obfuscater)



She says
ďWe only live once and itís more than enough.Ē
She hands me a smoke and she gives me a smile.
Tells me altruistic tendencies
Are dishonest and futile.

The bar is brim-full
Of people, noise; and outside
We spill like droplets on the street,
Drip-dripping down the quayside:
The Pied Piperís procession;
She blows her own trumpet
And douses my head
In her obsession.

She says
ďLifeís nothing but nothing but lie upon lie,
Like a mountain of shit piled up to the sky
In the hope that perhaps weíll look God in the eye
And figure out why we are even alive.Ē

She smells like cotton wool,
Talks like a baffled queen,
She looks like Monetís seascapes,
Walks like a shallow stream.
Her eyes are shining moonlight,
Her touch the Promised Land,
And we share our street-lit shadow,
Walking hand in hand:
She drags, she leads, she guides, she herds
Me through the blurring city streets,
I clasp, I clamber, follow close
To her footsteps and bitter words.

She says
ďIím smart and Iím pretty and Iím funny as well,
Iíve never met anyone as good as me.Ē
I nod my stupid strangerís head
And clamour to agree.


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