Obfuscater.net: Dancer (obfuscater)



She might be chasing shadows
At least she’s not chasing dreams
There’s no sense of perspective
Cause her eyes are fixed on screens
(There’s no sense of perspective
When your heart is set on screams)

She dances in the moonlight
She dances in the shade
She dances in the glaring sun
Though it makes her green dress fade

She dances in the courtyard
She dances on the stairs
She dances in the ballroom
Though she doesn’t care
For the people and their graces,
Their diced and painted faces,
Or their sickeningly condescending air.

[Repeat all]

She might be chasing shadows
At least she’s found her scene
She’s no need for perspective
Cause her heart is set on dreams
(There’s no need for perspective
When nothing’s as it seems)


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