Obfuscater.net: Existential Prayer (obfuscater)


Existential Prayer

I want to be a perfect person,
Be I famous or forgotten
It matters not in
My mind.

I値l forge my own destiny
On the wings of a dove
Or on whirring, blurring rotor blades,
And be it love
Or hand grenades
I値l find the answer to the world.

I want to be a medicine,
Be I the cure or poison
It matters not in
My mind.

I値l change as is necessary:
Humble or narcissistic,
I値l be the best, the blessed, humane,
Or sadistic,
And come my reign
I値l put paid to the suffering.

I want to be a deity
To have my power match my pity,
To have peace be
My mind.


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