Obfuscater.net: Open (obfuscater)



The doors are always open as a metaphor and fact,
And though for most the sunset sees the mise-en-scene contract,
For others in this world of ours the world remains their own
And all thatís out of othersí doors is no less home than home.

The doors are always open and the larder never bare,
A life that proves in practice we get more from what we share;
For when we eat lifeís cake alone we get cake through and through,
But when we give a slice away thereís love and laughter too.

The doors are always open but sometimes no oneís home,
For sometimes, often even, a free heart needs to roam,
And sometimes, often even, a free heart must afford
To let charity at home accede to charity abroad.

The door is always open and the world is always, too,
For lives so full of being lived thereís no time for review,
And some of us see borders which constrain our scope and span,
And others only frontiers which adventure expands.


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