She is flushed with indignation
At a simple observation
For she sees an accusation
Against the choices she regrets she made.
Your kindness will just annoy her;
Her persistent paranoia
Says that you want to destroy her,
That you just want to rain on her parade.

And you can tell her otherwise
With solemn voice or puppy eyes
But earnestness is a disguise
Because her fearful eyes see only fear.
And I would not try to mend her,
Such a ploy would but offend her,
As would trying to pretend her
Way of seeing is foolish or unclear.

Do not appeal to be seen
As angelic, calm, or serene.
For sincere words have never been
A solid guarantee for honest will.
Use the patience you can muster
To bear with her and to trust her
Be relaxed but not lacklustre
And hope she trusts you not to do her ill.
Or find some other girl. That's better still.


by Matt