It's the economic crisis of the Star Trek generation
And everyone is in control, alert, and at attention,
It's clipped reports and crazy thoughts,
No panic as the last resorts
Are finished to perfection.

There's no existential crisis for the Star Trek population
And each question finds its answer in a calm cooperation.
It goes to show that 'make it so',
Nods from Jim, Janeway, or Sisko
Can save any situation.

Always some sort of crisis for the Star Trek generation
And it's always solved by fiction, a new configuration.
I should propound a scheme I've found,
A plan to use to save the pound:

We could reconfigure the forward financial array to reroute currency from the production sector to the private reserves, then hyper-stimulate investments at a recurring quantum modular frequency, thus destabilising the economic oscillation and forcing it to rematerialize as a space-time entity in accordance with the laws of fiduciary cohesion.

Thanks for the inspiration.


by Matt