Each soul gets to be a God
Once in infinity,
And each soul gets to test the depth
Of its humanity,
And each must every other serve
For an eternity.

Perhaps my chance in future lies
Or does in past time dwell,
Perhaps I did an awful job,
Perhaps I will do well.
If time has not already told
Then only time will tell.

I envy not the deity
Whose turn it is to serve
To share out wealth and poverty
From ever-full reserve,
Who must obey equality
And ignore what we deserve.

I hope that when my time is nigh
That I will be humane,
And let compassion fill my soul
And vengeful thoughts restrain,
Or long ago that it was so
When my turn for godhood came.

I have heard sailors curse the sky
And turn the deep sea blue,
I've heard priests berating their gods
In words I hardly knew,
And for my part, I cross my heart,
I've shrieked an oath or two.

But each soul is to be a God
Once in infinity,
And for the soul that is my God
I have naught but pity,
For when I was or am a God
That's what I'd wish from thee.


by Matt