Here's to long-forgotten promises,
And here's to mislaid dreams,
To friends you would have died for
Whose names you can't recall.
Here's to long-lost triumphs,
Here's to abandoned schemes,
Here's to the man you're better than
Who said you were a fool.

Here's to showing up the world,
To coming out on top.
And here's to boring hours
That you managed to endure.
To meeting colleagues out of work
And never talking shop,
Here's to the crime of wasting time
Since that's what time is for.

Here's rainbows in the firmament,
To silk clouds overhead,
And here's to beer and skittles,
And here's to summer skies.
Here's all the perfect comebacks
You wish that you had said,
A turn of phrase that would amaze
Embarrass and surprise.

Here's still up at three AM,
Here's drinking in the dawn.
Here's to que sera sera,
And living day-to-day.
Here's to reflexivity,
To a toast that's far too long,
The present is where we must live
For the future's where we pay.


by Matt