All these long nights remind me of living alone,
Sitting watching the TV when nothing is on,
Just voiding the volume and enjoying the light
With no hope of a phone call to brighten my life.
Flicking ash from my trousers down on to the floor
And watching DVDs I've seen six times before,
Sat taking my pulse while I wait for it to stall.
If breathing took effort would I bother at all?

I could wash the dishes, I could vacuum the stairs,
Could pretend that it matters, that somebody cares,
I could try cooking something that I'd like to eat,
Could sign up for the gym and get back on my feet.
I could show all the world that I've got over you
But that wouldn't be fair and that wouldn't be true,
So I'm staying here and getting on with my life
With my grief for a friend and your death for my wife.


by Matt