The princess and prince share smiles and quince
And prepare for their happy hereafter
While master and miss go out on the piss
And share only sniggering laughter.
And the rat in the cage he turns a new page
And reads the aroma of parsley and sage
While the birds in the sky wheel and dive
And belong to a forgotten age.

The everyday act shows fiction and fact
To be nothing except points of view;
Then upon waking, mumbling and aching,
We find that our dreams don't come true.
And the rat in the cell he savours his smell,
Builds his private heaven in somebody's hell.
The birds all suppose he mistakes his nose
But they have to admit they can't tell.

Now master and miss share laughter and kiss
His “I do” to the promise to call her,
And prince and princess look on in distress
As their own world becomes slightly smaller.
Our rat behind bars looks out on the stars
Weighs up the merits of Venus and Mars,
While the birds in the sky wish they could fly
To the planets to see what they are.


by Matt