The Dissolve Effect

I call it the Dissolve Effect,
It happens when I'm left alone:
Without constraints to keep it checked
My mind packs up and leaves its home,
And sends blurred postcards back to me
Of all the things it got to see.

The one I think I best recall,
A giant shield painted green
And mounted on a crumbling wall
Seemed such a strong, compelling scene
I almost fancied I was there,
My mind and I again a pair.

But such is the Dissolve Effect
Which happens when I'm left alone
That worldly walls which me reject
Leave my skittish mind to roam
And though its sends these cards to me
I think its flight disloyalty.

I was found once with my mind gone.
I felt somehow violated:
Like a book in second-person
Has your hopes and dreams narrated,
With just my skin and bones and soul
I felt known against my will.

I called it the Resolve Effect,
It left me shaken to the core,
A shock so mighty and direct
That I resolved that nevermore
Would I allow my mind to roam
When it and I were left alone...

But such is the Dissolve Effect,
That promises are blunted knives,
And all the will I can collect
Means nothing to a mind that strives
When sitting in my company
To be away, alone, and free.


by Matt